• Eric Leinwand's 2018 Family Charity Challenge


    Maine, USA

  • Our 2018 Family Charity Challenge

    The idea was simple: Let's work with our children and use the Internet/social media in a positive way, raising awareness and financial support for some of our favorite charities that benefit both causes here in Maine, and far away!  Each member of our family researched, then picked one charity of their choice. The goal over the next several months is to convince as many people as possible to vote for their respective charity. Whoever's charity receives the most votes before Thanksgiving 2018 will receive $1,000! The poll is completely anonymous and we are not looking for solicitations from anyone (but if you like what you see, I am sure that any of these fine organizations would love your support)


    Below is a list of the 4 charities we selected - please take a look and then vote for your choice and encourage others to vote as well.


    Zach's Charity

    ​CharityWater.org is my Charity

    663 million people live without clean water. Charitywater.org is trying to end the water crisis in our lifetime. Support my charity and we can help achieve this together! Learn more at: https://www.charitywater.org

    Joshua's Charity

    Support 317 Main: "Music is for Everyone"

    317 Main is a local program that encourages music in my community. 317 Main's mission statement is "to create an environment for musical enrichment centered on respect, encouragement and support for all aspiring musicians regardless of musical ability." Support my charity to support the love of music. To learn more, click here: http://www.317main.org

    Katie's Charity

    Wayside Food Programs: Feeding the Hungry in Southern Maine

    I believe that all people, young and old, should have access to nutritious food. Wayside offers multiple programs including community meals, mobile food pantries and healthy snacks for kids, in an effort to provide thousands of hungry Maine families with access to healthy, fresh food options. To learn more, visit: http://waysidemaine.org/about-us

    Eric's Charity

    My Charity is DonorsChoose.org:

    "Support a classroom. Build a Future." DonorsChoose.org is a simple, yet genius idea - Teachers all over the country post a project they need funding for, you decide what to finance and support! Learn more here: https://www.donorschoose.org/about

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